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Hello, I am Tim Luscombe. I am a speaker and consult about finance in business.

Book Cover v8I’m the author of “Deal Finance” the business guide to Acquisitions, Company Sales and Raising Money

I use plain English and simple language to help you be more successful with finance and to understand the financial world.

Here’s an interview on Oxford TV and I was a guest on Voice of America

All of my talks and workshops are tailored to the audience and are fun, interactive sessions.

You can contact me by email  or by phone on +44 7944 880 871 and Skype is Luscombe_Tim

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“Tim took time out of his busy schedule to train my team on the use of financial statements with their clients. He was clear & succinct and the feedback was very positive. Tim clearly knows his financial onions!! A very safe pair of hands when it comes to helping a company understand and improve their financial management”. – Wendy Tinsley, Area Manager, Growth Accelerator
“Tim really knows his stuff and manages to make corporate finance interesting and relevant. A consummate professional, he can be relied upon to deliver quality information in a friendly, approachable style”. – Tiffany Kemp, MD Devant Ltd
Tim spoke at our GrowKent Conference in November and was highly informative about one option of growing a business, which is buying an existent business. Tim offered lots of advice on what to do and what not to do using his vast experience in this area. This was substantiated by a delegate who reinforced what Tim was saying during our Q and A session. I would highly recommend Tim add gravitas to any event where a finance input is required.” – Carole Black, Conference Organiser

Here are some of the programs I can deliver for you as a speaker:

CEO Group Programs: Business Valuations, Buying Businesses & Selling Businesses

Economic Update
Do you operate internationally? Would you like a heads up on the macro economic, social and political trends affecting your target markets? Then this is for you.

Tim has used his many years international business experience to develop programs for companies from Jaguar Land-Rover to Kimberley Clarke. The seminar includes recent history (the Credit Crunch) and the comparisons that can be made with previous economic shocks, then moves into predictive mode to forecast economic outcomes across the world.

Supercharge business growth
This program gives an overview of the strategy and the process required to maximise the benefit of Acquisitions. It is a fun, but informative session with plenty of real life examples of both good and bad deals.
This can be a 45 minute keynote, a half day or a full day workshop

International Expansion

So, you have an opportunity in a foreign clime – now what do you do? Maybe it’s as simple as just finding a shipper, but for many businesses on-going support and maintenance require people on the ground. That will present taxation, compliance and other challenges.  Find out one way to cope from someone who has “been there, done that, got the T shirt”

In this talk, Tim will give you a frame work to help you recognise the challenges ahead and find the solutions for your own circumstances.

You will hear about several different business models and be aware of some of the taxation and legal pitfalls that can face you on the road ahead, but you’ll know there is a way through the maze and it need not cost you a fortune.

This can be a 45 minute keynote, a half day or a full day workshop

Keys to business value
Understand what drives value in your business, and what features a buyer looks for. Go behind the numbers to find the nuggets that will create real value.

Exit Planning for Professional Advisors
When you clients approach you asking for help with realising the value of their business, you can do much more than just give them tax and pension advice. In this seminar you will learn some of the common value drivers that make a business a truly attractive target for acquisition, and some of the value drainers that can significantly reduce value and may even make a business unsaleable.

MBO workshop
If you are thinking of buying the business you work for, this is for you. The program gives you a comprehensive overview of the process, the risks and rewards for the buyers (the management team) and for the vendor. This is a one day workshop.

How to successfully sell a business
If you own a business but it is time to move on to other interests, this workshop is packed full of useful tips on how to find a buyer and get the best possible deal for your hard work..

Getting investment ready

Understand the different investment providers and the right time in the business life-cycle for each; learn how to make an effective proposal without selling your soul or giving away everything you have worked for. Dragon’s Den is not the answer but this workshop might be just what you need.

Presentations Skills for Finance Leaders
If you lead the finance team, you’ll have to present to your colleagues and the wider stakeholder community. This half day workshop will help you avoid the pitfalls and get your message across, giving you credibility with your peers and respect for your expertise.

Finance for non-financial managers

It doesn’t matter what your day job is, there will be a need for an understanding of finance.

This practical course will help managers develop their financial understanding, understand how their decisions affect the business’s financial performance and help improve the business.

With the Jargon explained and the key ratios translated to plain English you will be able to plan your future actions understanding the financial risks and impact.