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Tim Luscombe

Deal Finance

Tim Luscombe is a speaker on business finance and the economy.

He’s the author of Deal Finance, your guide to buying, selling and raising money for your business.


Tim offers three programs for your members:

Seven Steps to supercharge growth.

Most really successful businesses use acquisitions as part of their growth strategy, but the news is littered with stories of failure, weak business performance and leaders suffering reputational damage (or worse) through poorly planned or executed acquisitions.

Tim will take you through the 7 step program to success in acquisitions providing you with a tried and trusted methodology for success.

Unlocking Business Value.

Business valuation is more than just the numbers. Many businesses fail to sell or only sell for their asset value – by the end of this programme you will know why and what steps you can take to crete the characteristics and features that will make your business worth more and be more attractive to a potential buyer.

You will know some of the value drivers and value drainers present in your business and you’ll have strategies to create real business value,

What’s a business worth?

Calculating the theoretical value of a business is a complex exercise obscured by terminology and jargon, but this program will pare it back to the fundamentals and walk you through several commonly used valuation methodologies. You’ll be able to recognise and use some of the techniques.

Realising the value of a business – how much should you pay for a business, or how much someone will pay for yours – is about more than just the numbers. 

There are characteristics and features that can make a business easy to sell and attractive to buy, but equally can drastically reduce the value or even cause the transaction to fail. In this session we will look at some show stoppers and some real value drivers.

You will know what to look for and have some strategies to apply to remove or reduce the impact of the value drainers, and understand where the golden nuggets of value lie.

Members attending either program will receive a copy of “Deal Finance” to support and further embed their learning.

About Tim Luscombe

Tim is the Corporate Finance Speaker. Speaking clients include Boots, Dalkia, Kimberley Clarke, the Land Registry and Jaguar Land Rover, and he is the regional president, Thames Valley, of the Professional Speaking Association. Tim leads a team of business advisors who hold seminars throughout the year.

In one of his first roles after achieving his accounting qualifications, Tim was responsible for the financial management and reporting of a recently acquired business. That became a post-acquisition integration role and led to his joining the research and deal teams. Later in his career, Tim was part of the team that took a UK company to IPO on NASDAQ and was subsequently based in Hong Kong for a number of years developing businesses across Asia Pacific. Tim ran his own property business before returning to the corporate world to execute and integrate the acquisitions of several owner managed service businesses as leader of a US technology business. Tim has been speaking and advising on strategy, finance, acquisitions and company sales since 2002. He leads a team of business advisors and is a partner in a corporate finance advisory firm. +44 1491 834572 / +44 7944 880871